• Hydronic System
    The Benefits of Our System Solutions

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    Benefits - Cost Savings, Space Savings & Efficiency

    § A single gas Appliance for the entire system
    § Compact system components
    § Efficient water heating & space heating for entire system
    § Flexible space heating options:

    • Seaparated water streams
    • Low velocity air handling
    • High velocity air handling
    • Zoning capabilities
    • In-floor heating systems

    § Single water heating system with individual temperature controls for space heating and water temperature

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  • Flowmax

    AIRMAX /FLOWMAX Basic Operating Information Guide

    1. The combination system uses hot water as its single source of heat.
    2. The FLOWMAX Dual Purpose Tank-less Water Heater provides both domestic hot water for faucets, showers, dishwashers, clothes washers and space heating water for household heat. The two streams of hot water are separate so that space heating water will never be mixed with domestic hot water. Space heating hot water can also be used for " in-floor radiant heating ".
    3. The MaxAir Air Handler contains a space heating fan coil that uses hot water circulating through the fan coil to distribute warm air throughout the house. An energy efficient electric motor housed with the air handler drives the fan which pushes the warm air through the duct work providing heating to all the rooms of the house. In the case where the home is more than two stories high, the Max Air High Velocity system provides higher CFM (cubic feet per minute) output to ensure that all rooms are heated equally whether they are the closest to or furthest from the heat source. The Hi Velocity System also utilizes a very space efficient Mini Duct System, which is acoustically insulated to allow more fast moving warm air to circulate quietly and equally throughout the house.
    4. AIRMAX and FLOWMAX can be used in conjunction with Air Conditioning Units, Heat Recovery Ventilators, UV Air Purifiers and The AIRMAX Prioritizing Comfort System.
    5. While it is common for the HVAC System to be located in a mechanical room in the lowest area of the house, AIRMAX and FLOWMAX can be located anywhere in the building according to architectural / HVAC design.
    6. The AIRMAX and FLOWMAX System is designed to be a quiet running system that is both space and energy efficient and will meet all local building code requirements. It is both CSA approved and Energy Star certified.
    7. In a situation where high hot water demand is common in the house, a back- up in-direct storage tank, which acts like a large thermos with no dedicated heating element will be built into the system to guarantee a constant supply of hot water. The storage water is controlled by the FLOWMAX heater. Again, we emphasize that the FLOWMAX heater is the single heat source and it controls exclusively the supply of hot water to the home and the amount of energy required to deliver hot water. This is how energy saving is achieved.
    8. The system is also very space efficient and can be accommodated in small spaces freeing up valuable space for other uses.

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Technical Specification

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Technical data and measurements are not binding. The manufacturer reserves the right to make any necessaries changes without prior notice. We decline all responsibility for any inaccuracies contained in this manual, whether due to printing or transcription errors.

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