FLOWMAX Combination Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

  • FLOWMAX condensing water heaters with on-demand domestic water production;

    • Are built on experience and incorporate the latest technological know-how to produce space heating and domestic water production.
    • Use an efficient and compact design, allowing for ease of installation in both new construction and retrofit applications.
    • Provide simplifiedcontrols and features. The units operate efficiently and are environmentally friendly.
    • Are available in different capacities and burner modulation affording flexibility in application and while meeting varying needs for domestic water.
    • Are designed for compatibility with a wide choice of accessories and can be used for: domestic hot water - tankless mode or with storage tank and home heating configurations with air handlers for space heating.
    • Come with DIGITECH©, a brand new electronic control system. FLOWMAX condensing water heaters can operate with multiple types of heating systems: hydronic systems incorporating radiators, fan coils or in-floor heating, while maintaining high efficiency levels and comfort control.
    • Include an advanced self-diagnostic system providing the user a simple way to set and verify equipment operation on a back-lit display. Diagnostics are easily identified through symbols.
    • Contain the exclusive MULTIPLEX© technology incorporated in the FLOWMAX condensing water heaters ensures that the highest efficiency levels are optimized  through the use of advanced hydronic circuits

    The FLOWMAX products are manufactured to a high specification and in compliance with relevant standards

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The design of the FLOWMAX product line addresses three key areas: Reliability, Performance and Serviceability

For the home builder, home owner & service technician, experience has shown that these key areas play a substantial role in minimizing the life cycle costs for residential boiler systems.

  • Product Reliability through quality in Manufacturing & materials

    The materials used in FLOWMAX such as copper, brass & stainless steel form a compact, homogeneous, highly functional unit that is easy to install and simple to operate. In its simplicity, the wall-mounted FLOWMAX is equipped with all the appropriate accessories required to make it a fully independent tankless water heater capable of satisfying domestic hot water production and central heating needs. All tankless water heaters are fully inspected as part of the manufacturing process to ensure quality.

  • High Performance with 98% Efficiency

    FLOWMAX  delivers performance and efficiency with DIGITECH® the advanced electronic module with LCD for the self-diagnostic function and operating temperatures display, and a new premix burner with radial micro-flame and combustion chamber made of stainless steel to guarantee a high level of efficiency, and the latest version of MULTIPLEX® water group modulation, the FLOWMAX provides consistent performance with a high efficiency rating.

  • Simplified Serviceability through Design

    FLOWMAX has been designed with servicing requirements in mind. All the electronics are modularized in a single reliable unit. Panels, front and sides, are easily removable making all serviceable parts accessible. Components, known to be unreliable such as flow switches & pumps, have been redesigned and simplified for improved performance and reliability over time.

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